180     Chapter 13    
This is the truth that no dehistoricized cosmology can -- one might say,
envisage, except that the precise (though less polite) term would be,
      As with any other intellectual and scientific activity founded on a
dehistoricized cosmology, present day Catholic theology simply can
not allow the activity of the New Class to be covenantal worship, both
ridiculously free and awesomely responsible in His death, creative ex
nihilo, a complete surprise completely intelligible, not bound by any
agenda, not written down on any list of the naughty and the nice, not
predictable in advance, not required or even conditioned by any
necessity, whether of God or man.
      Although it must weigh on every man, it must particularly weigh
on members of the New Class: present day Catholic theology by its
fundamental intellectual commitments must rule out in advance what is
proclaimed every day in and through the Church's free liturgical
mediation of her faith in her Lord: the creation of genuine good
surprises -- something real for Our Lady's juggler to do on earth,
something real for St. Therese to do in heaven.
      By either the 'law' of 'nature' or of 'liberation,' the very best gift that
the New Class can give to God can not exist -- precisely because the
very best gift the New Class can give to God can not be necessitated,
can not be predicted in advance, can not be controlled. According to
present day Catholic theology, there can be no 'job' whose essence is
the creation of good surprises, true covenantal worship in spirit and
truth. There can only be duties to perform, duties written down in a
time-less book by a god, whether the Deus Unus or 'liberation,' who
binds us whether we like it or not.
      Within the formidable strictures of present day Catholic theology,
itself enslaved by its intellectual and scientific commitments to a
dehistoricized cosmology, covenantal relation can not exist -- so it
does not. The New Class therefore exists to be exploited, either
nakedly, as in traditional Catholic thought, or by means of the cravenly
submissive 'borrowings' of New Class Catholicism. Within Catholic
theology of the present age, the New Class can be worshipped, or it can
be feared, but it can not be loved. How then can it be evangelized?
The theological evangelization of
the New Class awaits a re-turn of
Catholic theology to the New

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