This work was written for the purpose of illustrating ideas in
Covenantal Theology in terms that 'normal people' may be able to
understand. Please remember, though, that I may have
misrepresented Fr. Keefe's thought in one or more ways. On the
other hand, as of this writing, Fr. Keefe is still very much alive and
kicking, and, of course, Covenantal Theology itself is available to
any one who can read with fresh eyes. In this Knucklehead's Guide
I am only trying to illustrate just how fresh those eyes must be. In
that way I hope, without unduly embarrassing Fr. Keefe, to enlarge
the possibility that his amazing contribution to Catholic theology
will one day be read by those whose faith seeks understanding.
If you would like to correspond with Fr. Keefe, as of this writing
his address is
Donald J. Keefe, S.J.
Loyola Hall
Fordham University
Bronx, New York 10458-9993
Copies of Covenantal Theology are very hard to come by. A few
copies of the first edition (published in two volumes) exist at
theological or academic libraries in some Catholic universities and
colleges. The revised edition, printed in 1996, and partially funded
by a charitable trust, contains both volumes of the original work
between its covers, and includes a new Appendix, along with other
revisions. This revised edition is a handsome, leather-bound book,
but was even less widely distributed. Contact Prof. Keven
McMahon, 41 Constance Street, Bedford, NH 03110;
kmcmahon [AT] anselm [DOT] edu if you wish to purchase a copy of this
important work.
This work is not in the public domain. Permission to copy this work for
private or not-for-profit academic use only is hereby granted, provided that
the work is copied in its entirety, including the copyright notice on the title
page and this NOTICE. All rights remain reserved with the copyright
owner. Permission to copy this work in the future, even for private or not-
for-profit academic use, may be withdrawn at any time upon the copyright
owner's public notice of his intention to do so.

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