Table of Contents
7               How to Use This Book
9               Why to Read This Book: On Children, Grandmothers, and Grown-ups
16             Chapter 1        The Nature of Reality: What You'll Be Getting Into
22             Chapter 2        The Nature of Reality (part 1)
36             Chapter 3        The Nature of Reality: Plato and Aristotle
46             Chapter 4        The Eucharistic Nature of Reality
61             How to Use Chapters 5 - 7
65             Chapter 5        One Modern Pessimism
74             Chapter 6        One Modern Silliness: New Class Catholicism and the 'Critical Distance'
89             Chapter 7        Regarding Our Story So Far
99             How to Use the Rest of This Book
100            Chapter 8       St. Paul Had Plenty To Do On Earth, St. Therese Has Plenty To Do In Heaven
111            Chapter 9        Nature Is Grace
135            Chapter 10      The Fall Is Real, 'Before' it is Not
147            Chapter 11      On the Faithfulness of Science, and the Paganism of Catholic Theology
149            Chapter 12      Method and System
159            Chapter 13      Why It Was Worthwhile To Have Read This Book
181            Chapter 14      Epilogue: A Quote

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