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The Old Testament in the Heart of the Catholic Church
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Dear Mr. Kelleher: Thanks for letting me know about the website. I only wish that millions (literally) of Catholics could not only know of it, but plug into it, so to speak! God bless.

Tom Howard
28 September 2001
professor of literature, St. John's Seminary, archdiocese of Boston
author of Becoming a Catholic Even If You Happen to Be One (Ignatius Press)

THE OLD TESTAMENT IN THE HEART OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is an entirely unique educational service brilliantly directed to the correction of the wholly inadequate catechetical education in Scripture currently offered in many if not most of our dioceses. This catechetical program insists upon what is indispensable, yet is routinely ignored where it is not denied, viz., the indissociability of the Scriptures and the teaching Church. It demonstrates the consequent unintelligibility of any reading of the Scriptures that would dispense from their single liturgical Sitz im Leben, the Eucharistic Sacrifice wherein the free unity of the Old Testament and the New is historically achieved and is perennially proclaimed --- this by a Magisterium whose sole warrant to teach is their episcopal succession to the Apostolic responsibility for the Church's worship in Truth. Kelleher's extraordinarily skilful deployment of this crucial insight has produced a program of catechetical study unparalleled in the Catholic academy today. We look forward to its New Testament sequel. The availability of this program by mere subscription to a website now frees Catholic parents from any need to submit their children to the academic incompetence and the routine doctrinal dissent long typical of official diocesan programs in "biblical studies."

Donald J. Keefe, S.J.
21 June 2002
dogmatic theologian
Visiting Professor, Sacred Heart Seminary, Archdiocese of Detroit
author of Covenantal Theology: The Eucharistic Order of History (Presidio Press)