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This page calculates and displays several movable Roman Catholic Church feast days for any given year, providing the correct date for Easter Sunday, what day of the week Christmas is (or was, or will be), etc.

Feel free to download a working version of this web Page for your own use. Just RIGHT-click on this Page and select 'Save As...', and save at some convenient spot. Then double-clicking on your saved Page should bring it up in your browser.

NOTE: In this program, the switch to the Gregorian calendar, first introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in October 1582, is assumed to occur in 1753, the first full year Britain and its then colonies used it.

NOTE ALSO: For any input year (past, present, or future) the program blindly follows the liturgical 'rules' current circa A.D. 2000 in the United States.

While a good-faith effort has been made to make this program useful, this is not an 'official' source of liturgical information. Accuracy is NOT GUARANTEED. Your mileage may vary. The previous 'feastdays' program Page (but not the previous program itself) has been left up for your amusement. To see it click HERE.